Animal Days for young people

We are a small friendly learning community that offers a calm stress free, safe learning environment, free from bullying and the daily pressures of a large school.

Heroes has strong links with BCA College and can help intergrate students into the college.

Heroes Berkshire, Bartletts Lane,(off the Ascot Road A330)  Holyport SL6 2JD

Please note Bartletts Lane has two ends and we are in the middle.Entrance to the farm is only by the Ascot Road. You cannot access the farm from Moneyrow Green.

No Parking in Bartletts Lane or Holyport Memorial Hall as these are private.

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Booking now for Summer Holidays

10.30 -  3.30pm 

Monday Wednesday and Fridays
Cost £35.00 per day

Animal Care Courses

6 Week certificated Animal Care Course

Every Tuesday through summer

Limited numbers only

10.30 - 3.30pm

Costs £168.00 for 6 weeks


Childrens Animal Parties

Come and party with the animals

Lovely venue with party room and playarea

Serving Traditional Italian Wood fired oven baked pizzas


The animal days and animal care course are suitable for young people from 6 years - 18 years who have an interest/love of animals

On our working animal days you will be working with dogs , rabbits, hamster, chinchillas, ducks, goats, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, birds, pigs, piglets, goats,lambs, shetland pony and reptiles. Every day we will cover the areas below on each animal and you will be expected to get hands on, cleaning out cages and pens, doing health checks, washing exercising and grooming animals. You will learn

  • life expectancy of the animals
  • how to handle the animal
  • suitable enclosures
  • safe bedding
  • temperature needed to keep the animal warm
  • indoor or outdoor
  • diet and exercise
  • behavioural problems
  • signs of illness or stress
  • what jobs you can get working with animals
  • how to get
Some people are surprised at how attached they become to such small creatures. When you’ve handled different kinds of animals, you know that even the tiniest creatures have personalities and need the same kind of love and attention.

If you love animals and would like a career working with them, there are many opportunities available in different fields.
  • Animal Shelters
  • Vets
  • Grooming Salons
  • Pet Sitting
  • Animal Parks
  • Zoos
  • Kennels and cattery


  • petal the pig

    Places are limited as the groups are kept very small.


    "I just wanted to say thank you for running this great course.  The kids had a great time and learned tonnes about animal care.  My daughter has fallen in love with guinea pigs and is doing a great job persuading us that we should have some. I liked the fact that the course was so hands on with lots of animal handling,but also plenty of theory to go with it.  It was a great start to our school year"



    Suitable for young people of all ages and abilities