We are a small friendly learning community that offers a calm stress free, safe learning environment, free from bullying and the daily pressures of a large school.

Heroes has strong links with BCA College and can help intergrate students into the college.

Heroes Berkshire, Bartletts Lane,(off the Ascot Road A330)  Holyport SL6 2JD

Please note Bartletts Lane has two ends and we are in the middle.Entrance to the farm is only by the Ascot Road. You cannot access the farm from Moneyrow Green.

No Parking in Bartletts Lane or Holyport Memorial Hall as these are private.

01628 783107



 Jodie and Duck (2)  

Every Wednesday Heroes work with young people who are being home-educated.  Children attend weekly so they can meet with their friends on a consistant basis, build strong friendships and do workshops together.

Workshops currently running:-

Animal care:

Arts and Crafts

We have lots of animals big and small, goats, ponies, pigs, alpacos, llamas, ducks, chickens, rabbits, guiena pigs, rats, degus, chinchillas, birds, hamsters, and gerbils, snakes, reptiles and spiders. The children gets involved in looking after all the animals, feeding, cleaning exercising and petting.

They learn about the environments the animals live in, the foods they eat and how to handle the animals. They groom goats, guiena pigs, and shetland ponies, exercise all the animals and gain hands on experience in working with animals


Art Sessions

Every Wednesday afternoon an art session is ran, for students who want to get involved.

Mosiacs, Painting, Drawing, Glass Painting, Collages.

Children are left for the day, giving parents time for themselves or time to spend with their other siblings.

The cost is £25.00 per day per child, discounts are given and some concessions are available depending on circumstances and if you have more than one child.

Heroes is situated in Holyport, Maidenhead, just minutes from junction 8/9 of the M4


 bobby and billy

Suitable for young people of all ages and abilities