Heroes Berkshire is a social enterprise in the Maidenhead Berkshire area which creates powerful exciting learning programmes for young people centred around animals. These programmes help motivate young people in their learning, and help them identify their own goals.

Each student is encouraged to take responsibilty for their own learning and life. 

Many young people who have attended Heroes have successfully gone on to college, into employment or back into the school to continue their education.

Heroes was started by mother of two, Dawn Dingwall in 2001. 

Dawn choose to home- educate both her children and started a group to meet other like minded individuals. She went on to form a group where her children and other children could get together to do workshops, play sports and interact. This was when Heroes was created.

About Us

The group started off in a small local village hall in Holyport Berkshire, where they met once a week for activities.  After running for three years they decided to find a place where they could rent and start to grow the group. 

They were offered the use of a woodland venue where they stayed till June 2009.  During this time they had set up a small community group and were running four days a week.


Heroes had changed a lot from the early days and started to attract interest from schools, youth organisations and  parents who had never thought of home education as an option. 

Today Heroes Berkshire runs a Flexi -School in Maidenhead, for young people, where they can come on a flexi basis to learn about animals.  The learning is centred around the animals and young people get hands on experience working alongside the animals and getting involved in creative projects.

During the last 20 years Dawn has gained all of her experience working with young people from all backgrounds.  She has run several large events for teenagers, worked on programmes with young autistic people and worked with young people who have social behaviour problems.

Her background includes coaching young people, business enterprise, and healthy eating.

During Heroes development, over the years, a team has been created to work along side Dawn. Many of the team members were attracted by the ethos of the group and felt inspired to work with young people to help them achieve and make the best of their lives from whatever background they come from.

If you would like to find out more about Heroes please email us [email protected]