Heroes Berkshire is a Therapeutic Learning Centre and Animal Farm, where children can attend to learn about animals.

We offer alternative provision for young people who struggle in main stream education. Our learning is centred around the animal farm and the animals, and the young people get fully involved with the running of the farm, cleaning, maintenance, feeding, grooming, exercising, stock taking, food pricing, photography and the list goes on.

Our programme helps many young people who have lost the confidence in their ability to learn, re-engage with education and our friendly calm environment helps young people build their confidence and self-esteem.

Our learning programme helps them re-discover the fun of learning as they become involved in practical and meaningful activities which help them develop important skills like leadership, communication, and inititive

What we offer

  • Young people who attend Heroes, have the opportunity to learn about animal care, the natural environment, engage in art, learn how to handle risks, and most importantly how to use their own initative to solve problems and co-operate with others through team building exercises  around animals and the outside world..